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Many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our Office Coffee Service (OCS) is a better value - and way more convenient - than the hassle of purchasing coffee cups and supplies for the coffee lovers in their workplace.

Your coffee selection includes premium bean varieties in convenient packs, creamer, sugar, sweetener, coffee cups, and even the stir sticks. In most offices, a direct-plumbed coffee maker is included with full service.

Best of all, it's delivered as you need it. Call for an OCS quote today! 816-436-7377 or Email Us


• Traditional OCS including premium coffee house style filter packs, creamer, sugar, sweetener, cups and stir sticks
• Single cup service available - Check out our eco friendly POD packages!
• Direct-plumbed coffee maker is included with most full-service OCS
• Hot drink vending including regular, decaffeinated and flavored coffee, lattes and hot chocolate

DOWNLOAD PDF: Fresh brewed selection of coffee and hot drink options

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